Long after Lauds: Poems
By Jeanine Hathaway
Details: 84 pp.

Hardcover ISBN: 9781532689284 / $17.00

Paperback ISBN: 9781532689291 / $12.00

eBook ISBN: 9781532689307 / $9.99

Slant Books is proud to announce the upcoming release of Long after Lauds: Poems by Jeanine Hathaway, to be released Summer 2019. Long after Lauds is an exploration of a woman’s spirituality in poems characterized by awe, ambivalence, and curiosity.

In monastic life, the first hour of daily prayers, Matins, roused the community to wake up. Wisely, the second hour was Lauds, which means praise—praise with that freshly-awakened consciousness. In this way, such an attitude toward the world, seen and unseen, could be absorbed before breakfast. In a new context, the poems in Long After Lauds continue that tradition of waking up, reflecting, and discerning what there is to praise. And how. And whom.

The collection constructs an introspective retrospective of a woman looking over a life marked by significant changes: ex-nun, ex-wife, grandmother, professor emerita, traveler. Hathaway acknowledges with gratitude her own daily shaping by students, grandchildren, rhinos, a public and private history full of saints and ain’ts. Beyond her earlier community chanting Lauds, she explores its resonance with wit and wistfulness and arrives at this truth: praise over time alters the one who gives it.

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Jeanine Hathaway currently enjoys professor emerita status from Wichita State University, having taught creative writing and literature there. She was a poetry mentor in Seattle Pacific University’s MFA Program. Hathaway is the author of the autobiographical novel Motherhouse (1992), the 2001 Vassar Miller Poetry Prize-winning The Self as Constellation (2002), and a chapbook, The Ex-Nun Poems (2011).