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Announcing Slant’s New YA Novel: Rubén Degollado’s “Throw”

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Education & Culture Interviews Daniel Taylor

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Slant Announces New Book by Daniel Taylor: Do We Not Bleed?

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Do We Not Bleed?

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Do We Not Bleed?

ISBN: 978-1-4982-9989-3 Details: Hardcover, 210 pp. Retail Price: $25 Publication Date: December 15, 2016 Order via Amazon or Wipf and Stock Publishers About the Book: A young woman is dead. A man with diminished capacity is accused. His friends, also wounded, try to help him. In the process, they teach Jon Mote a thing or two he desperately needs to learn. Jon no longer hears voices, but he’s not convinced a silent universe is much better than a haunted one. He’s returned his sister Judy to...

Excerpt of Here at Last is Love

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