Erin McGraw on what inspired Better Food for a Better World

In this video Erin McGraw explains her inspiration for Better Food for a Better World, its people and places. To hear who the characters are based on, why an ice cream shop is a perfect setting for messy relationships, and whether it’s actually possible to remake ourselves, be sure check out the video (featuring ice cream and Erin’s two dogs!):



We’re also really pleased with the various reviews of our debut book popping up around the internet. Sara Zarr said Better Food for a Better World “has been the most surprisingly affecting read of my year so far.”Read the Review.

The Englewood Review of Books also posted a warm review, writing how “Erin McGraw’s main characters here display a lot of recognizably human susceptibilities, which make them relatable, like their idealism played against mounting impatience, but are idiosyncratic and quirky enough to also believably get into one huge mess of a mess.”


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