Hot off the Press! Jeanine Hathaway’s Long After Lauds Releases Today

Slant is proud to announce Jeanine Hathaway’s poetry collection, Long after Lauds, is released today and is available for purchase through the Wipf & Stock website, Amazon, and Watermark Books.

Long after Lauds is an exploration of a woman’s spirituality in poems characterized by awe, ambivalence, and imagination. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these reviews from notable authors like Scott Cairns, Jeanne Murray Walker, and Robert Cording!

“With signature wit, word-wariness, and warmth, Jeanine Hathaway brings us a new song in the lineage of Dickinson, Moore, and Bishop—a brilliant, cool surface that offers, even so, a profound, subterranean heat, evincing her continuing faithfulness to the embodied spirit that wishes to save us all. May it be blessed.”

—Scott Cairns, author of Anaphora

“Soon after you open this dazzling book, you begin to feel it was written precisely and only to you. Not that the poems are confessional—they’re not—but their witty, antic wordplay and their music accumulate until they feel like a secret language between the writer and the reader. These poems are urgent. Their passion makes me see stitches, saints, Paris—almost everything—in a whole new way, teaching questions that may, in the end, be more significant than answers.”

—Jeanne Murray Walker, author of Pilgrim, You Find the Path by Walking  

“Jeanine Hathaway is the kind of religious poet I deeply admire—earthy, worldly, and of this world, a writer who works inside the contradictions of division and reconciliation, doubt and faith; but she is first and foremost a poet who knows her trade. Hathaway never takes herself too seriously and yet she is taken by her subject matter and by the serious question she has deeply lived—just how exactly are we being asked to live our lives?”

—Robert Cording, author of Only So Far