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PASTE magazine, a leading authority on culture—from music to film, tech to literature—recently interviewed Ryan Blacketter about Down in the River. Interviewer Timshel Matheny, member of the band Roman Candle and writer of the “Drinks With” column for Paste, asked Ryan about his writing habits and the writing process, the true story that inspired Down in the River, how to teach writing, and more.

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PASTE: In one of your course descriptions you promise to answer the question: “Why is the writing life always worth the effort?” At risk of giving away a course secret, I am asking, why, for you, is the writing life always worth the effort?

BLACKETTER: Because of what you learn—what you learn about yourself, what you learn about other people. There is a great satisfaction in that—in learning and understanding and then putting that understanding into your own books and stories.

For most of our lives, we have things that we want to do and people we love. But in the life of the writer or the artist, when you get to the end of it, all you have are the things that you have done and the things that you have done well. You were a good mother or father, a civic person, this or that. But I would imagine that there is a deep satisfaction in learning about things and finding words for that learning. Better than getting a job [laughs].

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You can buy a copy of Down in the River for Kindle or in hardcover.