The newest release from Slant, Finding the World’s Fullness: On Poetry, Metaphor, and Mystery by Robert Cording, is hot off the presses and available now on Amazon and at Wipf and Stock Publishers.

We’re excited to share it with you.

Check out an excerpt of Robert Cording’s Finding the World’s Fullness here!

Praise for Finding the World’s Fullness

“Whether considering the ineluctable mystery of poetry, appraising all that is poetical in Scripture, or offering unprecedentedly keen readings of particular poets, Robert Cording shows himself, as his own poetry has always shown him, to be lit from within.”

—Sydney Lea, former Vermont poet laureate

“The essays in Robert Cording’s Finding the World’s Fullness are at once so complex and so clear, bracingly clean in their execution, full of humility and beauty. It’s that experience of reading where the words slip away easily from the bones of meaning, where ‘writing’ becomes a synonym for ‘revealing.’”

—Leah Hager Cohen, author of Strangers and Cousins

“Robert Cording’s Finding the World’s Fullness gathers essays written by an astute and passionate poet that explore ‘literature with a theological underpinning,’ and among other subjects, the poem’s ultimate purpose, nature poetry, mystery, and the role of metaphor in enriching experience. . . . Cording’s ideas draw on a lifetime of erudition; there are pearls in every paragraph. I used up three highlighters reading this: that’s high praise!”

—Gray Jacobik, author of The Banquet: New & Selected Poems and Eleanor

“Robert Cording’s Finding the World’s Fullness is a book so rich in its spiritual and psychological insights that it is hard to even begin to adequately sum up its effect on the reader who listens carefully. . . . Cording’s book is a game-changer, part of that Philosopher’s Circle that includes Rilke, Stevens, Eliot, Herbert, Bishop, and others. I urge you to read him.”

—Paul Mariani, author of The Mystery of It All: The Vocation of Poetry in the Twilight of Modernism and Ordinary Time: Poems

“Robert Cording is not only one of the most gifted poets of our time but also a clear-eyed thinker about the art of poetry. The essays collected in Finding the World’s Fullness, which explore how poetry and prayer ‘reside at this borderline boundary of the inarticulate,’ articulate profound truths about the nature of our walk in the sun, discovering new ways of attending to the world around us, which always brims with meaning.”

—Christopher Merrill, author of Self-Portrait with Dogwood